The Competency Certification System, SCC, is the set of rules and procedures which the Ministry of Education of Guatemala establishes to assess, recognize and certify the experience, knowledge, abilities, skills, and competencies of people who perform trades and occupations learned throughout life; with the aim of generating opportunities that promote social and labor development, improve living conditions, giving dignity to labor and improve people's self-esteem.

The SCC is intended to give formal recognition to the acquired skills. What it involves to receive a competency accreditation, related to the occupational technical area, from de Ministry of Education.

The Competency Certification System –SCC- has its legal basis in Ministerial Agreement 3751, dated December 21, 2018.


  • Certify knowledge, experiences, skills, and competencies acquired throughout work-life and entrepreneurship in different trades and occupations, in accordance with job performance standards.
  • Provide complimentary training opportunities to improve and update people's knowledge, experience, capacities, and competencies for work and entrepreneurship.
  • Socially dignify people through the recognition and certification of their knowledge, skilled trades, and occupations.

Target Group

It provides national coverage with an inclusive approach to all people from the age of 15, linked to knowledge, skilled trade, experience, or occupation.


  • Form groups of 15 people, as a minimum, with experience in the occupation in which they wish to become certified.
  • Submit an evaluation request note in a certain occupation to the SCC unit at the corresponding Regional Directorate of Education.
  • Fill out the registration form for each evaluation applicant.
  • Comply with the stipulated requirements in this documents.
    • A legible photocopy of the DPI Personal Identification Document (over 18 years old).
    • A legible photocopy of the Birth Certificate (under 18 years).
    • Consular card / Passport.
    • Recommendation Letter / Letter of endorsement of the experience concerned with the occupation practice.
    • To have at least 5 years of experience practicing occupation.

Work Areas Catalog

Competency Certification System, SCC

July 2020
No.Job Category NameJob NameJob Catalog
1Agriculture and forestry cultivation and useCoffee productionFOC1
2Agriculture and forestry cultivation and useCultivation of vegetablesFOCH1
3Agriculture and forestry cultivation and useGardeningFOJ1
4Agriculture and forestry cultivation and usePesticide applicatorFOAP1
5Agriculture and forestry cultivation and useBeekeeperFOA1
6Agriculture and forestry cultivation and useFlower farmingFOCF1
7Agriculture and forestry cultivation and useGroundnut cultivationFOM1
8Agriculture and forestry cultivation and useSesame productionFOAJ1
9Agriculture and forestry cultivation and useVanilla farmingFOVA1
10Agriculture and forestry cultivation and useCardamom farmingFOCD1
11Agriculture and forestry cultivation and useCoca farmingFOCA1
12Agriculture and forestry cultivation and usePotato farmingFOCP1
13Agriculture and forestry cultivation and useNatural rubber productionFOCN1
14Fishing and AquacultureFish farming and aquacultureFOP2
15Fishing and AquacultureArtisanal fishingFOPA2
16Food products industryArtisan bakeryFOPA5
17Food products industryPastryFOP5
18Food products industryBakeryFOP5
19Food products industryButcherFOC5
20Food products industryDairy packaging operatorFOEPL5
21Food products industryMilk treatment operatorFOOTL5
22Food products industryCheesemakerFOOLQ5
23Food products industryArtisan Chocolate elaborationFOCA5
24Food products industrySale of products and servicesFOVPS5
25ChemistryCleaning products elaborationFOPL6
26ChemistryPersonal products elaborationFOPP6
28ConstrutionDrywall installerFOPY7
29ConstrutionBuilding and houses painterFOP7
31ConstrutionCeiling drywall installerFOPYT7
32ConstrutionFloor installerFOIP7
33ConstrutionPartition Wall installerFOT7
34Maintenance and facilitiesInstalling, maintaining, and repairing of air conditioning systemsFOACC8
35Maintenance and facilitiesIndustrial Refrigeration System InstallerFORI8
36Maintenance and facilitiesMaintaining and repairing of commercial refrigerationFOMRC8
37Mechanical manufacturingIron Works and decorationFOHF9
38Electricity and electronicHome electricityFOED10
39Electricity and electronicThird Class of Electrical Networks LinemanFO3RE10
40Electricity and electronicSecond Class of Electrical Networks LinemanFO2RE10
41Electricity and electronicFirst Class of Electrical Networks LinemanFO1RE10
42Electricity and electronicElectrical grid crew bossFOJCRE10
43Electricity and electronicElectrical grid SupervisorFOSRE10
44Wood and furniture manufacturingCarpenterFOC13
45Textile, leather and clothingHand embroideryFOBM14
46Textile, leather and clothingArtisanal manufacture of leather bootsFOAC14
47Textile, leather and clothingUpholsteryFOT14
48Vehicle transport and maintenanceVehicle maintenance supervisorFOSMV16
49Vehicle transport and maintenanceElectromechanical Vehicle maintenanceFOME16
50Vehicle transport and maintenanceElectromechanical vehicle maintenance assistantFOAME16
51Vehicle transport and maintenanceElectromechanical vehicle maintenance SupervisorFOSME16
52Vehicle transport and maintenanceVehicle cleaningFOLV16
53Sale of good and services (trade and marketing)Coffe marketingFOCC17
54Sale of good and services (trade and marketing)Gas station attendantFODG17
55Personal Image and AestheticsStylistFOE19
56Hotel, catering and turismBaristaFOB20
57Hotel, catering and turismBartenderFOBT20
58Hotel, catering and turismProfessional cookFOCP20
59Hotel, catering and turismGuatemalan traditional foodFOGT20
60Hotel, catering and turismWaiterFOM20
61Hotel, catering and turismMaintenance SupervisorFOEM20
62Hotel, catering and turismCommercial and residential cleaningFOL20
63Hotel, catering and turismKitchen assistantFOAC20
64Hotel, catering and turismHotel receptionistFOR20
65Hotel, catering and turismMaidFOMU20
66Hotel, catering and turismHotel receptionistFORH20
67Hotel, catering and turismRestaurant managerFOGR20
68Hotel, catering and turismEvent plannerFOOE20
69Financial, legal, administrative, and management servicesSupermarket cashierFOCS22
70Financial, legal, administrative, and management servicesContact center assistantFOCC22
71Artistic activitiesCloth paintingFOPT26
72Artistic activitiesMarimba playerFOEM26
73Artistic activitiesWriterFOE26
74Artistic activitiesOil paintingFOPO26
75Artistic activitiesStorytellerFOCC26
76Knowledge developmentMayan lenguage interpreterFOI27
77Knowledge developmentGuatemalan sign language interpreterFOLS27
78Knowledge developmentBraille transcriberFOIB27
79Crafts and artistic tradesJewelryFOB28
80Crafts and artistic tradesBackstrap loomFOTC28
81Crafts and artistic tradesPedal loomFOTP28
82Crafts and artistic tradesBamboo craftsFOAB28
83Crafts and artistic tradesReed craftsFOAC28
84Crafts and artistic tradesMarimba makingFOCM28
85Crafts and artistic tradesPalm craftsFOAP28
86Crafts and artistic tradesPalm and coconut craftsFOAPC28

Source: Sub-directorate for work and culture, DIGEEX.

The occupational family is the grouping and structuring of economic activities, according to a set of affinity criteria for professional competence derived from the identified occupations and jobs.