Free Courses Academies, ACL

The Free Courses Academies authorized by the Ministry of Education provides life-skills education and technical training as a preparation for working life for people who have not had access to the National Educational System, and for those who, having had it, pursue continuing education.

The academies do not follow a rigid timetable, schedules, grades, and ages, nor an inflexible system of knowledge.

The training levels provided by the Academies of free courses are:

From 200 to 480 hours of training
From 481 to 960 hours of training
From 961 hours onwards of training

Free Courses Academies are ruled by Ministerial Agreement No. 483, dated March 19, 2010; as well as its application guide that eases its implementation in the processes of authorization, revalidation, updating data, coding, certification, and accreditation of academies.


  • Provide training opportunities to people through free courses.
  • Develop life and work skills.

Target Group

It has a nationwide coverage within an inclusive approach for anyone who wishes to learn or train in the development of personal, social, labor, entrepreneurship, cultural, academic, and economic skills or to increase their knowledge.


  • Original and copy of the Personal Identification Document -DPI- or birth certificate in case, you are a minor.
  • Know how to read and write, this requirement is just for certain courses in technical-labor areas.
  • Students with previous knowledge who are interested in joining to any of the courses at their different levels of qualification, before to their enrollment, must present the corresponding certification, in case they do not have this requirement, they can undergo a placement test designed by the academy where the student will be enrolled, with the endorsement of the corresponding Regional Coordination of Education, so that the candidate can join the appropriate level according to their knowledge.

If you are interested in knowing the authorization requirements for the Free Courses Academies implementation, download the following information and the form DAC-FOR-02.