Educational Radio Stations Program

The Educational Radio Program is considered as an effective means for educational delivery, aimed at the population of rural and marginal urban areas to provide opportunities for accessing education, non-formal training, and collective participation within the framework of democracy and multiculturalism.


  • Strengthen the community’s education with informational and training radio programs aimed to contribute to the development and achievement of personal self-realization.
  • Support educational actions that promote the development of communities, and strengthen local, regional, and national values.
  • Promote educational actions and provisions implemented by the Ministry of Education through the Regional Directorates of Education.

The Educational Radios of DIGEEX, operate based on Agreement 286 dated January 26, 2017.

Radio Quezada Educativa

Municipality of Quezada, Jutiapa
March 22, 1974
107.5 F.M.
Radio signal is available in all of the department of Jutiapa

The programming of this radio station is aimed at listeners in rural areas, with a special focus to education, through programs related to agricultural, family, moral and civic areas within the framework of strengthening cultural identity.