The Municipal vocational and Human Training Centers Program provides technical labor training courses; as well as entrepreneurial training in physical spaces afforded by the community, municipalities, non-governmental organizations, and others. The program is aimed at young people and adults, to prepare them for job placement through vocational and technical training, guidance on entrepreneurship is also provided.

The levels of qualification of the courses implemented are level I (aimed at young people and adults with complete or incomplete primary school), level II (aimed at young people and adults with complete or incomplete Middle School), and level III (aimed to young people and adults with complete or incomplete High School).

The program primary purpose is to provide different activities to achieve the development of skills and abilities of people, mainly in underdeveloped communities, helping to solve immediate economic problems. The program's activities focus on strengthening communities and preparing people for employment and entrepreneurship.

The Municipal vocational and Human Training Centers Program has its legal basis in the Ministerial Agreement No. 319 dated March 2, 1971.


  • Certify training courses and technical labor training.
  • Provide complimentary training opportunities to improve and update people's skills.
  • Develop life and work skills and entrepreneurial training.
  • Develop soft skills.

Target group

It has nationwide coverage with an inclusive approach to all people from the age of 15, who want to get training in a vocational area or broaden their knowledge.


  • Original and copy of the Personal Identification Document -DPI- or birth certificate if you are a minor.
  • Fill out the registration form.
  • Know how to read and write, just for certain courses in technical-labor areas.
  • Have a minimum of 80% attendance per training course, so that it can be accredited; after having satisfactorily approved it.

The program's work strategy is to establish coordination links and make inter-institutional alliances with governmental and non-governmental organizations, which provide theoretical and practical knowledge in diverse areas of job training, as well as the sustainability of educational and training processes.

Courses Catalog

Municipal Vocational and Human Training Centers

August 2020
No.Job Category NameCourse
1Textile, Leather, and TailoringCurtain and balance tailoring
2Textile, Leather, and TailoringCross stitching
3Textile, Leather, and TailoringChildren´s clothing manufacturing
4Textile, Leather, and TailoringLingerie manufacturing
5Textile, Leather, and TailoringHand embroidery
6Textile, Leather, and TailoringHairpin Crochet
7Textile, Leather, and TailoringSpanish embroidery
8Textile, Leather, and TailoringBeaded Waistband and bags
9Textile, Leather, and TailoringSpanish embroidery
10Textile, Leather, and TailoringRibbon embroidery
11Textile, Leather, and TailoringDressmaking
12Textile, Leather, and TailoringBackstrap weaving
13Textile, Leather, and TailoringGüipiles embroidery
14Textile, Leather, and TailoringBed linen manufacturing
15Textile, Leather, and TailoringCrochet Knitting
16Textile, Leather, and TailoringBead embroidery
17Textile, Leather, and TailoringKnitting
18Textile, Leather, and TailoringDressmaker
19Textile, Leather, and TailoringTraditional clothing manufacturing
20Textile, Leather, and TailoringBlouses embroidery
21Textile, Leather, and TailoringCloth painting
22Textile, Leather, and TailoringHandbags manufacturing
23Catering and TourismProfessional cook
24Catering and TourismGuatemalan cuisine
25Catering and TourismTraditional Guatemalan cuisine
26Catering and TourismEvent planner
27Catering and TourismCatering management
28Catering and TourismBartender
29Catering and TourismBakery
30Catering and TourismPastry
31Catering and TourismPastry and traditional sweets
32Catering and TourismFruit and vegetable carving
33Catering and TourismCold desserts
34Catering and TourismGastronomic art
35Catering and TourismNutritive cooking
36Catering and TourismPastillage
37Catering and TourismPastry chef
38Catering and TourismCake decoration
39Catering and TourismCocktail making
40Catering and TourismAppetizers preparations
41Personal Image and AestheticsMakeup
42Personal Image and AestheticsBeauty and cosmetology
43Personal Image and AestheticsBeauty techniques
44Personal Image and AestheticsHaircut and beard trim
45Personal Image and AestheticsModern haircuts
46Personal Image and AestheticsNail techniques
47Personal Image and AestheticsAcrylic Nails
48Personal Image and AestheticsBody massages
49Personal Image and AestheticsNails decoration
50Personal Image and AestheticsProfessional make up
51Personal Image and AestheticsHairstylist
52Personal Image and AestheticsBeauty technician
53Personal Image and AestheticsColorimetry
54Personal Image and AestheticsAromatherapy
55Knowledge Development and GrowthBusiness development
56Knowledge Development and GrowthCommunity development promoters
57Knowledge Development and GrowthElementary and Intermediate English level
58Knowledge Development and GrowthEntrepreneurship
59Knowledge Development and GrowthBusiness training
60Knowledge Development and GrowthBusiness Entrepreneurship
61Knowledge Development and GrowthBilingüal call center Agent
62Knowledge Development and GrowthPersonal motivation
63Knowledge Development and GrowthScience, art, and services
64Knowledge Development and GrowthGraphic design
65Knowledge Development and GrowthElectronic projects and robotic
66Telecommunications and computer scienceOffice automation
67Telecommunications and computer scienceComputer courses
68Telecommunications and computer scienceComputer technician
69Telecommunications and computer scienceTechnology applications
70Telecommunications and computer scienceComputer maintenance and repair services
71Telecommunications and computer scienceTyping and Office suite
72Telecommunications and computer scienceGraphic design and web
73Crafts and ArtsChildren´s handicrafts
74Crafts and ArtsRecycled crafts
75Crafts and ArtsClothing painting and patchwork
76Crafts and ArtsCountry painting and decoupage
77Crafts and ArtsTypical crafts
78Crafts and ArtsPiñatas making
79Crafts and ArtsBalloon decoration
80Crafts and ArtsClay Shingles and colored prints
81Crafts and ArtsFloral arrangements
82Crafts and ArtsAromatherapy
83Crafts and ArtsClothing painting
84Crafts and ArtsGlass painting
85Crafts and ArtsColored prints
86Crafts and ArtsKnitting with recycled materials
87Crafts and ArtsClothing painting
88Crafts and ArtsBasketry
89Crafts and ArtsPiñatas making
90Crafts and ArtsDecoupage
91Crafts and ArtsClay Shingle shaping
92Crafts and ArtsMoldable and thermoforming foamy
93Crafts and ArtsSugar art
94Crafts and ArtsEmbrossing with paste
95Crafts and ArtsBottle decoration
96Crafts and Arts3D Foamy
97Crafts and ArtsTable centerpieces
98Crafts and ArtsCandles
99Crafts and ArtsEmbossed
100Crafts and ArtsOpenwork towels
102Furniture making and Wood manufacturingCarpentry
103Agriculture and forestry cultivation and useHorticulture
104Agriculture and forestry cultivation and useSchool garden
105Agriculture and forestry cultivation and useGardening
106Food and beverage industryMilk products manufacturing
107Food and beverage industryFruits and vegetable glass packaging
108Food and beverage industrySausages and cheeses manufacturing
109Food and beverage industryPackaging
110Food and beverage industryCanned meats manufacturing
111Food and beverage industryWine elaboration
112Electricity and electronicHouses electricity
113Electricity and electronicElectric measurement
114Electricity and electronicIndustrial electricity
115Fish farming and aquaculturePisciculture
116Sales of goods and servicesSales
117Maintenance and transportation of vehiclesElectromechanical
118Mechanical manufacturingIronwork
119ChemicalChemical and cosmetic products
120Artistic activitiesMusic

Source: Sub-directorate for work and culture, DIGEEX.

Note: the occupational family is the grouping and structuring of economic activities, according to a set of affinity criteria for professional competence derived from the identified occupations and jobs.

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