Information and Communication Technologies Learning Centers, TAC

Unlike the Free Courses Academies, the Information and Communication Technology Learning Centers, TAC which are authorized by the Ministry of Education, carry out the Learning and Communication Technologies Area of the National Base Curriculum for the Middle education students, who study in official educational centers which do not have the capacity to respond properly to this demand.

The Information and Communication Technologies Learning Centers -TAC- are ruled by Ministerial Agreement No. 2206 dated July 31, 2019. A user´s guide was created to make subsequent implementation processing easier: authorization, revalidation, data updating, coding, certification, and accreditation of academies.

Among the requirements to be met are:

  • Physical space according to the student population to be attended per hour.
  • Physical facilities with fixed walls, evacuation routes, ceilings in good condition, lighting, ventilation, electrical power that meets safety standards and other safety and health conditions established in the user guide.
  • One computer for each student or failing this, network systems that allow the use of one or more monitors individually.
  • Updated internet and operating systems.
  • Principal’s profile: To have a Bachelor’s Degree in teaching, at least.